Sailendra Village was especially designed for individual and families who are looking for a dream home.



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Inspired by the majestic story of Sailendra, the king of the mountain. We want to create a cluster house that emphasise its strong charisma.


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Green Guru Residence


Green Guru Residence is a residential cluster in Bogor built with ‘green’ concept, with a touch of Balinese resort ambiance bring this townhouse a little bit further close to nature.

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The Origin of Sailendra

The Sailendra dynasty, meaning “King of the Mountain”

was the name of a notable Indonesian dynasty that emerged in 8th century Java whose reign marked a cultural renaissance in the region.

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about sailendra
Our Vision

To be a progressive property developer

Our vision is to be amongst the few recognised, preferred and respectable property developer in Indonesia.

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Our Mission

Learn, empower, create a great place

We serve our customer, strive to develop our projects, recruit the best employees, encourage continuous improvement, and we are dedicated to deliver quality products

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misi sailendra
Our team

Providing ultimate satisfaction to our clients

We are delighted to welcome you to our Sailendra Land collection of exceptional houses. Our purpose is to propose, all dedicated to providing ultimate satisfaction to our clients.

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Team Sailendra
Step 1


We always look up the history, location, environment, and the price of the land. We look upon every detail. We study the shape of the land, the materials that best for the environment, and also learn from the texture of the land until the best price we can offer for our customer.

Step 2


We planned the market of our products, we think about their financial power, and what they deserve to get for that amount of money. We allocate much for production, because what we want to give is not only a house, but homes.

Step 3


We work on the design, the environment, the permission, and the price, once again we review everything. If still, the product worth more for our customer, then we will begin to work on the field.

Step 4


We always open for feedbacks and demands from our customers to help us evaluate what people needs. Again and again, we see what we need to build from the environment, because the weather for each location is different. So then we always have the will to learn and moreover to see ourselves as the customers.

Step 5


After we get enough trust of the product that we will develop, we start by executing one by one. Starting from Marketing Gallery, to make people know our design and concept, the infrastructure to the homes. We care for every little detail, which make step by step production our key to make a perfect homes. We finalize the product and thrusting it to our customers when it is finished.


Why Us


Perfectly Curated Living

Synchronises beauty, convenience, and environmental sustainability

on time

Project On Time

We finished our project right on time


Well Design Product

Every project has it’s own characteristic



Affordable price for all class

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Handover Certificate

The handover of the certificate will be two years of the House Order Letter, it is two years long, because we want you to feel at ease, it is the longest time for us to make everything is perfect, but then we also want to finish everything we make, as soon as possible. So basically, we will hand over the certificate as soon as the home is ready for you to stay.

Marketing Gallery Location

We have different place of Marketing Gallery for every project that we make, and usually we make it on our site. So that when people want to check on the Site, they just need to count their step to the site.


We offer different promotion for each month. For example, for the month of July we have “Cicil Suka-Suka” promotion, and in August we have “Merdeka Dari DP” promotion. We think about what people want every single time, so we provide them with lots of different promotion to help our customer get their dream home.


We have build three projects so far, and it is all homes that we offer, we have Green Guru Residence, Sailendra Residence, and Sailendra Village. The next project, we will develop a city, that only a few people knows its treasure, subscribe to our channel for more info about our upcoming projects!