The Origin of Sailendra

The Sailendra dynasty, meaning “King of the Mountain”

was the name of a notable Indonesian dynasty that emerged in 8th century Java whose reign marked a cultural renaissance in the region. The Sailendras were the builders of Buddhist monuments, one of which is the colossal stupa of Borobudur, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Sailendras are considered to be a thalassocracy and ruled maritime Southeast Asia, The dynasty appeared to be the ruling family of both the Medang Kingdom of Central Java for some period and Srivijaya in Sumatra. Inspired by Sailendra Dynasty who built Borobudur Temple, an unforgettable heritage, Sailendra Land also want to leave an unforgettable heritage. We’ve been creating real places for real people in Indonesia since 2010 as PT Kencana Anugrah Pratama, by 2016 we adopt new company concept and become PT Sailendra Anugrah Kencana. We create places that are inclusive; we’re proud of our contribution to the cities we operate in and we care about how people will benefit from the spaces we create to live, work and play within.


Sailendra Land strives to be a progressive property developer that delivers the highest standards of performance in all our ventures through the provision of superior quality products and services. Creating high-quality built environments for the future.


Our vision is to be amongst the few recognised, preferred and respectable property developer in Indonesia. Recognized for who we are and how we deliver improved quality of life through excellence in design and construction.


– We serve our customer diligently in meeting their requirement and delivering value for their investment. We continuously learn and observe new trends and customer requirements.


– We strive to develop our projects in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive way. Wherever feasible, we implement green technology and the concept of smart township.


– We recruit the best employees, provide them with training and development opportunities, and empower them to ensure that we are best-in-class in our business activities.


– We create a great place to work where people are inspired every day.


– We encourage continuous improvement and adherence to quality standards set in our standards and procedures.


– We are dedicated to deliver quality products for our customers and strive for continuous improvements.


– We are focused in our execution and act with urgency. In everything that we do, we do it well and efficiently.

Team Sailendra



We are delighted to welcome you to our Sailendra Land collection of exceptional houses. Our purpose is to propose, to discerning family, the most finest house in Indonesia, all dedicated to providing ultimate satisfaction to our clients.

These exclusive properties of rare minimalism, sophistication and affordable where comfort, architecture, attention to the minutest details reach new heights of excellence will guarantee you an unforgettable and unparalleled experience.

We believe that Sailendra Land crafted with such a high degree of care deserve an equally high quality of the construction and selling services to make our client experience as perfect as it should be.


Our team